The Benefits of a PreK-6 School

  • The curriculum at Oak Hill School is prepared, designed and intentioned for the academic, social and overall development solely of elementary school students.
  • Your child has many age-appropriate leadership opportunities. Our upper school students, specifically 5th and 6th graders embrace the duty of leadership and act as role models for all students. These leaders rise to the challenge put before them and serve at Flag Raising, on the Service Learning Board, as House leaders, have the starring roles in school musicals, lead Advent and Lenten worship services, serve on the safety patrol, compete on Oak Hill’s highest-level athletic teams, are big buddies and role models to kindergarten and 1st grade students, lead as student ambassadors welcoming new families, and many, many more.  All these opportunities are carefully crafted for just this age group. While they are culminating events and certainly highlights for the students, they serve to imbue confidence, self-worth and respect making the transition to the next grades fulfilling and positive. Enjoying these privileges better prepares students for those similar opportunities at the next school.
  • No “too much too soon” — 5th and 6th grade students retain a level of innocence and vulnerability, where they are not self-conscious about impressing older peers at a time developmentally where they are still taking academic and social “risks” and determining their own innate strengths and talents.
  • Maintaining a predictable and consistent educational environment through the elementary school years is ideal and allows students grace and support for their missteps while also supporting critical skills in resiliency and  perseverance in preparation for their next school.
  • Carefully designed “buddy programs” between different grade levels have positive effects on both the younger and the older students. Older students seek to model appropriate behaviors and character traits for their buddies. Working within our school-wide “house” system, students of all grade levels create meaningful, appropriate personal connections. Community-building in nature, the “house” activities often revolve around serving others, providing older students another opportunity to serve as a role model for younger children while encouraging empathy, patience and compassion in our older students and developing a genuine sense of community.
  • By sixth grade, parents and teachers in partnership, know each child better as a learner and as an individual. In the K-6 elementary years, your student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, unique  gifts and personality come into clearer focus. Who your child is becomes more readily apparent by 6th grade. With excellent next school choices, each with its own niche, determining the “right fit” is much easier to determine.
  • Next school choice is a team effort. The Head of the Upper School and others on the Administrative Team work in partnership with your family to find a next school “match” that supports your child’s gifts and talents. The team at Oak Hill School knows not only these next-schools well, but also, knows your child. Oak Hill students are sought after by the premier independent schools in the Nashville area because they are well-prepared academically and socially balanced with a strong foundation in faith and character.
  • A fresh start in seventh grade is a positive experience. As the students draw near to concluding their time at Oak Hill as a 6th grade family, they are looking forward while supporting each other. They are ready to embrace new challenges, opportunities and friendships while making a confident transition into their subsequent school years.
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