Why An OHS Blog?

December 22, 2014

Finally! Oak Hill School is jumping into the land of blogging.

Why now, you ask? Each day, countless digital conversations take place all around us. As lifelong learners, our faculty and staff possess a great deal of knowledge to share, and the capacity to learn more is even greater. By blogging, we hope to connect with other innovative thinkers and become active participants in these meaningful exchanges of information, expanding our learning circle and better understanding the issues related to education and parenting that unite us all.

This blog will cover a range of topics intended to inform, educate and maybe even entertain our readers from time to time.  It will be a collection of the creative thoughts, research and opinions of the diverse minds and varying personalities that make up our respected school administrators, faculty and staff, all of whom will make regular blog entries.

Through the OHS blog, we also hope to further support our commitment to the Common Trust, the agreement we share with families that is characterized by open lines of communication, mutual respect and a positive spirit of cooperation, by providing content that is insightful, supportive and reflects our mission of building character and integrity for a lifetime of learning and service. We invite commentary and welcome feedback to foster an atmosphere of community and involvement with our readers. We expect each comment writer to remember that we serve a diverse community with many different views and opinions. While we will not change the core meaning of a comment, we do reserve the right to edit comments as needed to ensure the sentiments of all readers are respected.

We hope you will add the OHS blog to your list of regular reading and make it a habit to read what we have to share. We also encourage you to follow Oak Hill School on Twitter, @OakHillSchoolTN, where we will post links to new blog posts among other resources and reminders. We will also provide each blog entry on our Facebook page.

We look forward to engaging with you! 

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