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Physical Education Teacher, grades K-6

The Oak Hill School seeks a creative and collaborative physical education teacher for kindergarten through sixth grade students. This faculty member will join a collaborative physical education team who are passionate about teaching the importance of lifelong fitness.



Specific responsibilities of the position include teaching physical education and wellness, organizing games and challenges that promote physical activity, and designing and teaching innovative lessons that differentiate for a variety of skill levels and interests.

As a member of the PE team, this faculty person will also assist with special school-wide programming and activities (such as the annual Field Day) and may participate in class outings and overnights,  The PE teacher has the opportunity to be a co-advisor with a core teacher in 5th and 6th grade; this role is key in nurturing the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. 

The PE team plays an instrumental role in coaching sports at Oak Hill School. This faculty person will work with the Oak Hill School athletic director to determine which sports the candidate is qualified for and passionate about leading and/or assisting.

Skills & Characteristics:

  • An ability to work collaboratively with a positive spirit and sense of humor.
  • An understanding of best practices and curriculum design in physical education.
  • A growth mindset as demonstrated by a willingness to take feedback, be reflective, and adapt as needed. This mindset is also demonstrated by a desire to grow professionally through participation in professional development opportunities.
  • A commitment to support and be a part of building a diverse community that reflects God’s love as expressed in the Christian tradition.
  • A love of teaching and nurturing the elementary-age child.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education.
  • Experience in teaching elementary grades (preferred).

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