Medical Forms

Oak Hill School requires that all parents complete the following forms in order to provide students with the highest standards of care.

Required Forms:


The physician report is a record of your child’s annual physical.  A physician report is considered current if the date of examination is within one (1) year of the student’s last physical exam.  As a courtesy reminder, parents will be notified by the Clinic that a new physician report will be due four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to this expiration date. Parents will be allowed a thirty (30) day grace period from the date of expiration to submit a new report.

If your child’s physician report is more than 30 days expired, your child will be restricted from all physical activity at school, including PE, recess, athletics and Explorations.  If your child’s physician report is more than 40 days expired, the student will be restricted from returning to school until a current physician report is received.

An exception to the above rule may be made if there are any extenuating circumstances preventing your child from getting their annual physical exam.  Please notify the school nurse of the extenuating circumstances as soon as possible. 


This form is due by August 1 for the upcoming school year. Tennessee state law requires that school nurses have a parent’s written request on file in order to administer ALL medications, both over-the-counter and prescription. Additionally, prescription medications require a physician’s order in addition to the parent’s written permission. Absolutely no medication will be administered by school personnel or self-administered without the written authorization of the parent or physician as specified. This form will be used during the academic day, as well as for all school sponsored events such as athletics, practices and events, field trips, etc.

Optional Forms:

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS - If your child requires a prescription medication at school, the Request for Dispensing of Medication Form must be completed and signed by you and your child’s physician.  The parent is responsible for notifying the school nurse of any changes to the medication or treatment plan.

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