Magnus Health Information

There are several ways to submit medical records for your child to your Magnus account:

1. Take a picture of the form and upload the JPEG image right into your account
2. Scan each document and upload it
3. Fax or mail records directly to Magnus—A cover page specific to each individual document and student must accompany each mailed or faxed document.    
    You can access that cover page by clicking on the cog wheel next to the required document and then selecting “print page”.


More detailed instructions for items that need to be complete in your Magnus health account for each child:

  • Vital Health Record (general student information, general health related questions)

  • Physical Examination Form (must be within the last year to be current and completed annually)
    Current Students: If your child’s Physical Report is up-to-date, this requirement should be marked as Complete in the status column. You do NOT need to resubmit another Physical Report until the next expiration date.
    New Students: Please have your child’s physician complete the physical form and either upload a picture or scanned copy, fax, or mail the physical form to your student’s Magnus account. The Oak Hill School Physician report form can be printed and then uploaded upon completion by your child’s physician. Your physician may also use the TSSAA sports physical form. An email reminder will be issued by Magnus two months before the next physical is due. There is a 30 day grace period from the date of expiration for scheduling and insurance purposes.

  • Tennessee Immunization Form
    Current Students: Your child’s TN Immunization form is currently on file at Oak Hill School, therefore you do not need to resubmit another TN Immunization Form at this time. If your child receives vaccines in the future, you will need to update the Immunization form in Magnus by either uploading a picture or scanned copy, faxing or mailing the form to your student’s Magnus account.
    New Students: You can obtain a TN Immunization form for your child from their physician and either upload a picture or scanned copy, fax or mail the physical form to your student’s Magnus account.

  • Consent to Treat – Please read and electronically sign

  • Over-the-Counter Medication Form - Please complete and electronically sign

  • Medication Administration Form – if applicable

  • Allergy Action Plan Form - if applicable

  • Asthma Action Plan Form - if applicable

  • Diabetes Action Plan Form - if applicable – Please submit your child’s Diabetes management plan orders from his or her physician

  • Seizure Action Plan Form - if applicable

The Medication Administration, Allergy Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan, Diabetes Action Plan and Seizure Action Plan forms can be printed from your Student’s Magnus Account and then uploaded, faxed or mailed to Magnus once the form has been completed by your child’s physician.


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