Virtue Speech

Gentleness, Nov. 18

By Hudson

The quality of gentleness is a quality we all must master. It helps you make friends and lets people know you’re kind, which helps in the long run. The dictionary defines gentleness as “the quality of being kind.” The Bible says in Proverbs 16:24, “Gentle words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” The quality of gentleness has affected my life in many ways. This moment in my life stood out to me because someone else was showing gentleness to me. 

One December night, I was at a friend’s house with a lot of people, some of whom I didn’t know. We were playing knee hockey and one of the guys I didn’t know called me some very unkind names. Those words hit my heart really hard, I knew he was just trying to hurt my feelings, but it was hard to let it roll of my back. I went downstairs to talk to my parents. They said, “Try to ignore him for tonight.” I tried to ignore him as much as I could, but it was really hard. 

Later on, someone said, “Let’s go play German spotlight,” and everyone agreed to do it. We went outside and the guy that was being unkind was seeking first so I went to hide. My friend, who followed me to my hiding spot, said he had seen what had happened with the unkind guy in the playroom. He then gave me, while we were at the hiding spot, some of the most reassuring words I had ever heard in my life: “Hudson,” he said, “you know that’s not who you are, don’t believe him.” I thought to myself, Why did I believe the unkind kid? He has no idea who I truly am. When my friend showed me gentleness it gave me the strength to move on from the words spoken to me by the unkind guy who had no idea who I truly am. Then we kept playing german spotlight. I felt like my friend would have my back if the unkind guy were to say anything bad about me again. It felt really good to have a friend by my side. When I got home from the party me and my parents talked more about it, and I told them about my conversation with the friend. I felt ready to tell my parents about the unkind guy, and how it felt so good to have a friend by my side.

That was one way gentleness affected my life, and gentleness still affects my life today. My friend taught me how important it is to be yourself and stay strong in how God made you to be. I hope all of you go out into the world and use gentleness with everyone you meet. Be gentle to everyone and you will be doing God’s will.

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