2018 Thanksgiving Message

Today’s Thanksgiving service was the perfect way to begin our Thanksgiving season. As we sang and prayed, we joined our voices together to give thanks to God and to celebrate his goodness. The visual reminder of our children presenting Thanksgiving baskets speaks to the mission our school community—inner reflection and love prompt an outward offering. 

I hope that Thanksgiving break is a time of rest and rejuvenation. The tangible blessings of home and a shared meal should be a gentle reminder of the greater blessings found in community and family. As we circle the table listing Thanksgiving blessings, let’s encourage our children and ourselves to pause and dig a little deeper for an unnoticed and simple blessing—the smile of a friend, an unexpected kindness, a good book, a beautiful song. Celebrating and seeing the beauty of God’s world reminds us of the glory of God’s creation and that every good gift comes from Him.

My family and I will celebrate our first Thanksgiving as part of the Oak Hill family. I know that as we innumerate our thanksgivings, my children, Colleen, and I will list Oak Hill students, teachers, and parents. We are thankful for you, and we are thankful to be in this wonderful community. 

With gratitude,

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