Diversity & Inclusion

At Oak Hill School, we understand that each child is unique, and we value the gifts that every student brings to school each day. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires the support and participation of the entire school community to create a place in which a wide range of backgrounds, voices and viewpoints enrich the Oak Hill School experience for everyone. As a Christian school, we strive to be a model of Christ’s mission to the world that recognizes the dignity of every person in the unifying and unconditional love of God. 

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2019, the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan outlines steps that guide our community in meeting goals to turn philosophy into practice. The overarching goals of the strategic plan include:


Deliver a window and mirror curriculum that both affirms children’s understanding of themselves and expands their understanding of other people. Learning resources that act as windows allow students to see backgrounds and perspectives that differ from their own. Mirror resources provide students the opportunity for self-reflection of their reality. A balance of both windows and mirrors is necessary in education to develop empathetic students who possess a deeper understanding of a global society and their place in it.


Expand our marketing and recruitment reach to attract and enroll mission-aligned families to better represent the communities and variety of individuals that make up the Greater Nashville area. Research shows that students benefit from a learning environment that includes a diversity of perspectives and experiences that are different from their own. A diverse community of learners fosters greater opportunities for students to develop mutual respect and cross-cultural competencies for success both in and out of the classroom.


Steward and grow a professional community to create a culture of deep curiosity and understanding to reflect diversity and inclusivity within our school. Prepare teachers with continuing professional development to educate a more diverse student body in the spirit of community and connection.


Deepen engagement and service throughout the Nashville area to develop stronger relationships with local organizations. Create new relationships with surrounding businesses and churches to assess the needs of our community and work together to strengthen programs. 


Build a community where every child and family feels like they belong by nurturing a school culture that acknowledges, honors and celebrates difference.



Financial aid helps ensure an Oak Hill School education is accessible to a wider range of mission-aligned students. Our goal is to increase financial aid funding to allow for greater socio-economic diversity within our school community. Ensure the school’s diversity and inclusion values are reflected in the written policies and core documents of the school. 

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