Remote Learning Details and COVID-19 Information

Dear Parents,

Last week we announced, and it is now mandated by TN Gov. Bill Lee, that our school campus will be closed following spring break to help protect the health and well being of our students and families and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout our local community. The purpose of this email is to lay out our plan and priorities as we transition to remote learning on March 24.

Collaboration between students and face-to-face guidance from teachers are just two of the features that define an OHS education. We believe that quality learning can still happen at a distance, and we will diligently work to create opportunities for authentic and meaningful learning and growth to occur. Our goal is to continue to provide effective education even though the delivery method is different from our traditional school setting. Here’s how it will work:

  • On the first day of remote learning (Tuesday, March 24) at 8 a.m., you will receive an email that will have links to a grade-level parent/student folder. Each folder will include a lesson-plan document that outlines the daily lessons for each core subject.
  • After the initial day of remote learning, PreK-4th grade teachers will place a new daily lesson plan in the folder each day (Monday through Friday) at 8 a.m. Lesson plans for 5th and 6th grade will be placed in the folder every other day at 8 a.m., to stay in sync with their block scheduling.
  • Teachers will provide clear instructions, so you will be able to help your children as needed, especially those in Lower School. Exactly how long a child takes to complete their daily assignments will vary by each individual, but teachers intend to replicate the school day as much as possible in regards to the number of assignments.
  • Enrichment lesson plans will be uploaded to the folder on the first day of the 6-day cycle since students do not have these classes on a daily basis. Students should choose one Enrichment assignment to complete each day. PE will provide a “lesson” (activity) daily to help ensure children stay active and physical fitness remains a regular part of their school day.
  • Remote learning will take some time for your child to adjust. Sustained periods of remote learning are most successful when students have a routine to follow and a dedicated space within your home to work and learn. In order to keep your child in the normal routine of school, we encourage you to structure your child’s school day to start at the same time each morning and follow an established schedule each day.

The challenges of remote learning cannot be understated. I fully acknowledge the magnitude of the disruption and the difficulty that this situation presents for many families. While the campus closure affects the entire OHS community on various levels, it is important to note that we are not alone in this situation. Many uncertainties and unanswered questions remain, and much of how we move forward during this global pandemic is out of our control. What I can assure you is that we will continue to love all of our students, provide engaging learning opportunities for education to go on and support one another during this extraordinary time.

I, along with Cheryl Horner, Brenda Boon and Martha Newson, have planned a Google Meet video conference for parents on Monday, March 23, at 9 a.m., to discuss and answer any questions about remote learning. If you would like to join the meeting, please paste the following link in your browser or join using the Google Hangouts app,

One of OHS’s greatest assets is the strength of our community. I have every confidence in our faculty and staff, students and families to overcome any challenges that lie ahead. Thank you for your patience and support.

With gratitude,

Additional News from the School Clinic:
If your child is due for his or her annual physical, it is not necessary to complete the physical at this time. We normally observe a 30-day grace period when the annual exam is due, but we will temporarily waive that requirement so healthy children do not go to a doctor’s office where there is a higher potential for exposure to illness.

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