COVID-19 Resources from the OHS Counselor


During this challenging and uncertain time, it is hard to always know what is the right answer or best way to respond to children’s questions. As educators and support professionals, we are here for your families to help navigate the challenges. Below are some helpful resources regarding COVID-19 and anxiety related to this virus:

The World Health Organization - Helping Children Cope with the Stress of the COVID

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has a wonderful guide to help families navigate conversations and situations regarding COVID found here.  See age specific information on typical reactions and how to respond.  

Excellent Video by Child Mind Institute regarding how to talk to your kids on COVID.

Quick tips

  • Be open to talking with your children about COVID and remote school.  Share information that is developmentally appropriate in a shortened, factual manner.  

  • You may notice that your children may have a lot of questions or anxieties than is normal.  Reassure your child that everyone is doing the best they can to take care of everyone.  

  • Let your children know that while you don’t always have the answers, it is okay to ask questions or let you know how they feel.  Journals or notebooks can also be a great way for children to express themselves in art or words.

  • Monitor children’s exposure to media regarding the COVID.

  • Find healthy ways of distraction and coping with stress.  Model this for your children as well. If they see that you are anxious, that will set a tone for the family.

  • Pray with your children during this time to remind them that God is ultimately in control.  


Please feel free to contact me anytime with further questions or support that is needed.  



Sarah Mathiesen, LMFT

OHS School Counselor

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