Week 2 of Campus Closure and Remote Learning Update

Dear Parents,

Week two of remote learning is well underway, and I know that everyone is doing their best to find and adjust to new routines and daily activities. None of this is easy, but I continue to be inspired by the dedicated efforts of our teachers and students and the ongoing support of our school community.

Thank you for your responses to our remote learning survey. While the responses varied based on the specific situations of individual families, a couple of common threads emerged: We understand that utilizing multiple platforms, apps and websites can be difficult to navigate, especially for younger students, and we are working to simplify or consolidate the tools that are used. We also recognize that many households are sharing limited devices, adding to the challenge of completing work or participating in live meetings with teachers and classmates. Teachers continue to refine workloads, activities and schedules to find the right balance for all students and families. Finally, the feedback that was repeated the most,

“Our son didn’t mention any challenges, except that he wishes he was in school learning.”
“Get the kids back in school - lol!”
“Open school back up?!? Kidding. Kinda :)”

We couldn’t agree more with these sentiments! Please continue to read for additional updates:

Lent Service
Please click HERE for today’s Lent service. A link to the service can also be found in your child’s grade-level folder. Our final Lent service is next Wednesday.

To maintain our accreditation, we are required to keep regular attendance records. If your child is sick or for other reasons not able to “attend” school on any given day, please follow our normal attendance procedure and email Missy Goodman, attendance@oakhillschool.org. We will assume that a child is present and working on assignments unless we hear from you otherwise. Teachers will contact you if your child begins to repeatedly miss turning in assignments as outlined on the lesson plans.

Wellness Wednesdays
OHS school counselor Sarah Mathiesen will provide helpful tips on social and emotional well-being at home in weekly “Wellness Wednesday” posts on your lesson plans in grade-level folders each Wednesday. She continues to hold regular office hours and is available if your family needs support or guidance during these challenging times. You may email her at mathiesens@oakhillschool.org.

Week Two Survey
This Friday, we will send another survey to gather feedback about week two of remote learning. We hope that you will take a few minutes to respond and let us know what areas we need to continue to adjust and improve. 

We also encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher, Brenda Boon or Cheryl Horner, if you have specific needs or challenges to address. Thank you for your flexibility and continued support.

With gratitude,

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