Tagging Guidelines

Tagging Information

  • Create all tags using our online tagging system (click here for detailed instructions on how to create and print tags).
  • Price in $1 increments only, with a minimum of $3.
  • Indicate a size with a number - no S, M or L.
  • Use COMPLETE Item Descriptions including BRAND, COLOR and ITEM. For example, instead of using “brown shirt” as a description, use something like “Hannah Kate Brown Cupcake Tank.” The detailed description enables us to locate your items easily in the system should the tag get lost. We cannot sell items whose tags have been lost unless we can locate the items in the computer.
  • Print tags on white cardstock (NOT printer paper) with black ink.
  • Print a new tag if you edit information.
  • Hang clothes on wire hangers with the hook facing left. No plastic hangers.
  • Safety pin goes over top of hanger attaching to waistband of shorts/pants/skirt. Do not attach safety pin to the horizontal bar of the hanger. Use LARGE safety pins when pinning items. When hanging pants/skirts, shake the hanger to make sure the safety pins don’t slide. If you pinch the fabric over the top of the hanger and then pin, this will prevent slipping.
  • Attach tags vertically to the upper right side of clothing with a safety pin.
  • Include dimensions in the item description when tagging rugs. Roll rugs and secure with rope or tape. Attach tag and a photo of the entire rug on the outside.
  • Tie shoes together with ribbon or pin straps inside using a large safety pin or ziptie. Attach tag by hole punching tag and then attaching tag with a ribbon to the shoes. NO shoe boxes.
  • Place items with several pieces, such as toys and puzzles, in a clear plastic bag. Seal the top with clear packing tape.
  • Ensure that tape does not cover the barcode.
  • When using packing tape to attach tags to paper items such as books, puzzles, games, etc., be careful to place tag in a place that will not ruin item when removed. If paper rips when tag is removed, shoppers will not buy your item.


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