An Oak Hill Education

“An Oak Hill education is…..”

“…a home away from home. A safe haven. A place where students are unconditionally loved, challenged academically and taken care of.”

“…where students are encouraged to be themselves and to be the boy or girl God created them to be.”

“…a place to learn, but so much more. We laugh. We love each other. It’s lifelong learning and building character.”

“…special. You don’t see what’s happening here happening everywhere.”

Ask a hundred people to complete that sentence and you will likely get 100 different answers – but rest assured you will hear several common threads woven throughout the responses. These were just a sample of the responses from our teachers.

Each response will be very personal and individual, just as there is an emphasis at Oak Hill on focusing on each student as an individual. Even so, certain themes will carry through.

We hope you see some of those themes as you look, by grade, at some of the highlights of the Oak Hill experience. And we hope this helps you gain insight into what students can look forward to each year and some moments that will likely make for lifelong memories.

First, a note on our teachers. Oak Hill teachers are nothing if not passionate about their work. They want to be here. They believe in where we’ve been and where we’re headed. They believe in our mission. They believe in getting to know each student as a whole person. They are dedicated to providing each student with an excellent education and supporting a child’s growth towards becoming a person a character and integrity with our Christian environment. In short, they are the difference makers for every child.

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