Every student at the Oak Hill School participates in a wide variety of enrichment classes throughout the school year. Our dedicated, enthusiastic enrichment teachers guide our students on a journey to expand their knowledge beyond what happens in the classroom through a hands-on cross curriculum approach. Enrichment classes offered at Oak Hill School are:

Bible and Character Education

Oak Hill School creates an environment that enriches a child’s spiritual and moral development and fosters the understanding of who each one is as a child of God. Children are encouraged to express their own uniqueness and are allowed to take risks and make mistakes in a safe community of faith. Life at Oak Hill models Christian faith in word and example.

Opportunities for children to develop Christian character and godly integrity enrich the moral climate of the school. Leadership is fostered at Flag Raising where students share the virtues that have been passed down through generations of their own families. In-depth discussions and small group Bible reflections encourage students to ask, seek and find answers on their faith journey.

It is our mission to help children find that voice through which they can speak their faith. We pray that as they find that voice, they will be able to face life’s challenges with perseverance assuring Christ’s strength for them in all things.


CoLab classes are offered to students in all grade levels in order to keep pace with the skills needed for 21st-century learners and the growing focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) concepts. Research indicates that early exposure to coding helps build lasting skill sets, including logical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. In the Lower School, class content is focused mostly on logic, problem solving and programming concepts, while Upper School students will learn coding language and how computers work, including the basic science and mathematics behind their operation.


Oak Hill’s technology goals are to assist all students with basic computer skills, research and information fluency, communication and collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, responsible use of technology, and developing skills for lifelong learning. All classrooms and enrichment classes are equipped with computers or iPads for student use. Students visit the Innovation Lab to design projects related to the classroom curriculum and build technology skills.


Music is an integral part of each child’s education at Oak Hill School, as it helps them gain a greater understanding about the world around them and foster self-expression, communication, imagination, observation, perception and thought. Our music classes meet twice during a six day rotation, offering a sequential and well-articulated course based on the national standards and geared to the developmental level appropriate for each child.

Students experience music through singing, playing instruments, moving, listening, folk-singing and dancing, analyzing, evaluating, creating, notating, improvising, and composing. They share musical ideas and show support for each others’ abilities through classroom activities, technology tasks, and public performances.

Physical Education

Every day, Oak Hill School provides physical education for every student, Kindergarten through sixth grade. Developmentally appropriate programs are designed to encourage every child to participate at their own unique ability level. Our intent is to provide children of all abilities and interests with a foundation of movement experiences that will eventually lead to active and healthy lifestyles.


The SALT (Serving and Leading Together) classes are design as a comprehensive service and leadership curriculum that builds on the character strengths taught throughout the OHS curriculum. The vision of the SALT classes for our 4th - 6th grade students is to create self awareness of leadership and strengths. The students will also recognize the strengths of others when serving and leading, and expand community through servant leadership.

The heart of the SALT curriculum is that it introduces students to the concepts of service-learning and it intentionally builds leadership skills. As students go through the curriculum, they begin to critically think about solving real life issues such as hunger and poverty and devise action plan to help on the local level. Students go forth with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a service-learning experience of their own creation or lead service activities with peers or younger children.

SALT lessons take participants from team-building through the key elements of service-learning, including identifying community needs, using team resources, planning projects, learning from challenges and celebrating successes.


Based on a unique approach combining Total Physical Response (TPR) with songs, stories and art projects to support language acquisition, Spanish is offered to all students beginning in PreK. Lower School students follow the model of circle time, story time and art time for an engaging and fun introduction to the Spanish language. Upper School students focus on developing language skills through grammar instruction, conversation practice in small groups as well as project-based learning. Additionally, a Spanish language lab elective is offered for 5th and 6th graders, providing increased exposure to the Spanish language and allowing time to dive deeper into the topics covered during the Spanish enrichment class.

Visual Arts

Art is an exciting and vital component of the Oak Hill School education. The art curriculum is designed to stimulate students’ creativity, encourage self-expression and help the students’ perceive the world in new and different ways. In the art room, students investigate famous artists of the past, examine work by contemporary artists, and explore arts and crafts of many cultures around the world. Students experiment with a variety of tools and techniques to create unique artworks that link to their personal interests and experiences.

Much of the comprehensive visual art program connects with units of study in the classroom curriculum with interdisciplinary links to math, history, language arts, social studies, science, and music and beyond. Local artist visits and demonstrations, as well as field trips to local museums, enhance art education experience at Oak Hill School.

Viva Voce

Oak Hill students attend Viva Voce classes in grades 1-6. First graders explore creative movement. Second graders delve into the dramatic interpretation of literature. Third and fourth graders dramatically interpret literature and also learn the basic elements of effective public speaking. 

Fifth graders develop their acting skills through monologues, engage in more advanced public speaking exercises, and write, direct and star in their own commercials. Sixth graders learn interviewing skills, are introduced to debate, and dramatically interpret a work of Shakespeare. They also create their own staged versions of Greek myths during their annual Greek and Roman festival.
All Viva Voce students engage in improvisational exercises aimed to build critical thinking skills while allowing them to stretch creatively. 
Students in grades 5 and 6 are invited to participate in an after school Musical Theatre Workshop. This hands-on theatrical experience aims to give students a voice in their production as they build performance skills, teamwork and self-confidence.  The final product takes the shape of  a grand Broadway-style musical presented each spring. 

Extra Curricular

Student life at Oak Hill School does not stop at 3:00 p.m., as students can expand their experience by participating in Extra Curricular Activities, such as athletics, drama, and service learning. Depending on the activity, meetings, practices and rehearsals meet before and after school.

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