Lower School

The Oak Hill experience begins in the lower school for kindergarten students and continues through third grade. Students are immersed in a safe and loving environment where confidence, independence and responsibility are developed. Teachers take a balanced approach to academics, recognizing the need for mastery of fundamental skills combined with critical and creative thinking.

Students are immersed in more than 50 years of Oak Hill tradition through community-building events and experiences with their classmates, teachers and other students in the school. Lower school students and parents have the chance to take advantage of the individualized approach to instruction that has helped mold some of Nashville’s brightest leaders. Students learn the value of character and integrity, creating the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and service.



The mission of Oak Hill’s math program is to enable and inspire students to become independent problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and confident and capable mathematicians.  By using math journals, manipulatives, and technology, students learn and apply math skills in a fluid environment by working in small groups, partners, and individually. Our program provides the flexibility of differentiation for each learner based on his or her academic needs. Students apply math skills in real world situations in order to understand the relevance of math in everyday life.



The mission of Oak Hill’s social studies program is to nurture and develop responsible, caring, well-informed, and actively engaged citizens. Students will have meaningful and authentic real-life opportunities to learn and serve in order to build empathy and tolerance by understanding multiple perspectives. By incorporating the Storyline method at each grade level, teachers use the power of story to create a meaningful, real-life context through which students learn concepts and skills.



The mission of Oak Hill’s language arts program is to instill a love of reading and writing in every student which is integral to becoming a lifelong learner. Our language arts program uses the reading and workshop model with mini lessons focused on specific reading, writing, and word study skills. As a community of readers, students expand their worldview and build empathy for others as they question, research, explore, and discover their world through various genres. As a community of writers, students create and communicate through the written word. Students participate in a whole language approach to word study with explicit phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar instruction. Collaboration and communication are key components of the language arts curriculum as students participate in book clubs and whole class discussions in reading and peer reviews in writing.



The mission of Oak Hill’s science program is to encourage students to utilize many 21st-century skills within the context of science concepts. These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, and information literacy, especially when instruction addresses the nature of science and the use of science practices. Students will participate in meaningful, hands-on experiences that enable them to explore a variety of scientific concepts and make sense of these concepts through peer interactions and science notebooks.



Oak Hill provides physical education for every student, kindergarten through sixth grade everyday. Developmentally appropriate programs are designed to encourage each child to participate at their own unique ability level. Our department’s mission is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. All students learn skills necessary to participate in a variety of lifetime fitness activities with a strong focus on the  benefits of developing healthy habits and lifestyle.


Music is an integral part of each child’s education at Oak Hill School, as it helps them gain a greater understanding about the world around them and foster creativity, self-expression, communication, imagination, evaluation, and understanding.  Our music classes meet twice during a six day rotation with two music teachers, offering a sequential and well-articulated course based on national standards and geared to the developmental level appropriate for each child.

Students experience music through singing, playing instruments, moving, listening, analyzing, evaluating, creating, notating, and improvising.  They share musical ideas and show support for each others’ abilities through classroom activities, technology tasks, and public performances.


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