A Joyful Foundation Begins in PreK at OHS

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PreKindergarten students are inquisitive, curious, explorers, active and vessels for learning. The Oak Hill School PreK reflects best teaching practices, where children develop and learn. An integrated approach is taken where language and literacy skills, mathematics, science, social studies, art and music are taught around a central theme of interest to the children.

The Oak Hill School teacher creates a loving, nurturing environment and actively fosters a sense of community. The students feel safe and secure in their environment. Through daily morning meetings and the teaching of conflict resolution skills, children learn that it is important to respect others and to work together.

PreK students learn through exploration and play. Our program offers hands-on learning experiences. The children are offered a variety of materials to explore. They thrive when able to experiment and test things out for themselves, drawing their own conclusions.

Language is developed as our teachers listen to and speak with the students at center time and during small groups. They also make sure to have individual conversations with each child throughout the day. The students are encouraged to talk about what they are doing during the day and to tell simple stories.

Literacy skills are introduced to children by the daily reading of books. Children are engaged in discussions about the characters, setting and plot. The students may be invited to join in the reading of books with repetitive texts or rhyming words. Students begin to experiment with writing. They will learn how to write their name and the letters of the alphabet. Learning experiences will be designed to help children hear the distinctive sounds of language and begin to make letter-sound connections.

Mathematics and science are taught through experiential play. Through sand and water play and constructing with blocks, the students learn the basics of scientific and mathematical concepts. Students begin to develop a sense of numeracy and learn to write some numbers. They talk about the weather every day, go on nature walks and learn about other wonders.

Movement and creative expressive are important to the development of young children. Our students have easy access to a wide variety of dress-up clothes and props they need for dramatic play. Daily there are times for moving to music and singing songs. The classroom is well stocked with a variety of crayons, markers, paint and paper for students to express themselves through these media.

In addition to the classroom experience, the students participate in art, music, library, Bible and Magic Carpet. These classes are taught by the enrichment teachers for Oak Hill Schools’ kindergarten through sixth grade.  The Oak Hill School’s PreK is under the supervision and accreditation of the Southern Association of Independent Schools and the Tennessee Department of Education.

We operate a five-day program from 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Aftercare is available through the Oak Hill School’s Exploration program from 2:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. 


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