Service Learning

Service learning is a deliberate process through which students can develop skills, knowledge, and civic awareness while making meaningful contributions to their communities.

The SALT (Serving and Leading Together) classes are designed as a comprehensive service and leadership curriculum that builds on the character strengths taught throughout the OHS curriculum. The vision of the SALT classes for our 5th and 6th grade students is to create self awareness of leadership and strengths. The students will also recognize the strengths of others when serving and leading, and expand community through servant leadership.

The heart of the SALT curriculum is that it introduces students to the concepts of service learning and it intentionally builds leadership skills. As students go through the curriculum, they begin to critically think about solving real life issues such as hunger and poverty and devise action plans to help on the local level. Students go forth with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a service learning experience of their own creation or lead service activities with peers or younger children.

SALT lessons take participants from team building through the key elements of service learning, including identifying community needs, using team resources, planning projects, learning from challenges and celebrating successes.

The Service Learning Board

The Service Learning Board is a group of students, faculty and parents that support and sponsor service learning programs at Oak Hill School. The board is student-led with representation from 3rd to 6th graders who are selected through an application process. The board meets monthly to discuss, plan, reflect and evaluate various all school service projects at Oak Hill School and discuss new initiatives. The Service Learning Board overseas service projects and encourages involvement and better understanding by the student body. Last year the board determined that each grade level would participate in a grade specific service learning project.

With grade levels adopting a project, each student, along with teacher guidance, will have the opportunity to investigate, plan, implement and reflect on a service learning experience Each grade level has defined a service focus for the year, and we will also be participating in a school wide day of service in February.

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